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1998 — MOX is born. Misha Salnikov — drummer, who previously played in such bands as «Aerodinamica» (1994-95) and «SUP» (1995-97), shows his first computer works to the legendary sound engineer Nick Artamonov. Nick advises to show them to the head of «Exotica» association Andrey Borisov.

2001 — a compilation of lounge music «Tell Tschaikowski The News, Vol.2» is released on Exotica Lights label. MOX`s track «Bassett» is included. It is a first released track of MOX.

2002 — The first officially released album of MOX is «Insects» (Exotica, 2002). The material for an album had been selected by Andrey Borisov. The release is sponsored by Olga Filippova and Alexander Chervakov. «Insects» submits an wide spectrum of Salnikov`s likes — dub, IDM, trip-hop, Warp-wise electronica, big-beat, house, minimalism and ambient — all presented with a tinge of humour. One of the remixes is done by electronic guru Alexei Borisov. The album has nice reviews and subsequently acquires a sort of cult status in circles of experimental electronica lovers in Russia.

2003 — MOX`s tracks appear in two compilations and in joint album of Alexei Borisov and KK Null «Xenoglossia» in their interpretation. Also the first MOX`s performance takes place in now closed club «Muha». It becomes real with support of Sergey Karapetyan and Katerina Mihaylina. Closer to the end of year, Salnikov and NetLenka (Ethnica Music Project) begin recording of «OMUT» album — dark and sometimes eclectic alloy of AphexTwin-wise/dubby electronica with pagan/slavic vocal stories about mermaids from Netlenka . Album`s co-producer Nick Artamonov finds such balance with which 2 elements (background and vocal) exist as if parallel lines, emphasizing each other and creating bizarre and attractive world. Album is released on Megaliner Records in 2004. Listen to some tracks here —

2004 — With a new program MOX and NetLenka perform in some Moscow clubs, in Yaroslavl and in Budapest, in Szyget Festival.
A start of collaboration with a label from Chicago — Monstaar Records; Two albums which initially pertained to MOX are decided to hand to a newborn QUTH project (post-industrial, dark ambient, experimental) — ( — hence the conceptual dilogy is released — «The Birth...» and «The Death Of The Worm» — sombre exploration of cold dimensions.

2005 — In February Nick Artamonov dies — guru and very talented sound engineer, to a name of whom a soundwork on a most number of MOX tracks by that time had been related. Rust in Peace, The Teacher.

March 2005 — this site is launched. Continuation — see news.

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